Plant More Plants

Take the Pledge to Plant More Plants

Put your stake in the ground and let everyone know that you're planting more plants and making the Bay healthier in the process. Take our pledge to Plant More Plants and share it with the world. Together we can grow some good.

I pledge that I will Plant More Plants! Plants will make my backyard more beautiful. And because they also filter stormwater runoff, they will make the Chesapeake Bay more beautiful, too!

I will plant trees, shrubs and hardy perennials in areas that slow the flow of rainwater.

I will always use plants suited to my area, use native plants when I can and avoid harmful invasive plants.

When fertilizing my lawn I will follow instructions on the bag, sweep all fertilizer off of driveways, sidewalks and other hard surfaces to reduce runoff; never fertilize when freezing weather is still possible.

Need help getting started? Click here for lawn care tips; contact a professional landscaper or designer or visit a garden center today.

Plant More Plants Contacts:

Julie Buchanan
Public Relations Specialist
804-371-2072 (fax)